Personal Reflections

A Reflection

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Hello there! I know, I am writing out of schedule, which my inner perfectionist hates me for, but I just had to. Today is a very special day.

Firstly, it is Friday, the most blessed day for our community, a day of congregation. So happy Friday! Enjoy your day; pray, supplicate, remember God often, share good food with family and friends, go for a walk outside.

And secondly, it is an extra special day for me specifically, because yesterday I got to witness the testimony of faith of a friend.

I stayed up after the dawn prayer to get on Skype with her and a couple of other women who were going to witness as well. Everyone was in a different place and time zone, different paths in life, different backgrounds and families. But we all were able to come together for one purpose: to support a sister in her quest for God.

And boy, does this sister inspire me. She is the only Muslim in her family, and living in a predominantly white area she has no access to a mosque, halal food, or even other Muslims except on the internet. And yet she somehow found a way to go buy a copy of the Qur’an and read it. She spent hours poring over internet sites and videos trying to learn to pray, hidden away in some corner of her house. She makes the effort to ask the staff at restaurants about ingredients in food so she can avoid all pork and alcohol.

And now she has found the courage to say her testimony of faith.

To see her emotion, the relief and joy, the fear and bittersweetness of it all, it made me think back to my own testimony of faith.

And it forced me to remember: this is why I do it all. All of the mean comments on the street, the judgemental remarks in the mosque, the whispering behind hands, the lingering stares, it is all worth it when I stop and think about the sweetness of the faith I have been lead to. People will never be perfect, but Islam always be.

It is why I started writing here as well, to bring converts into the fold, instead of leaving them ostracised by both their own friends and family and the faith community they just entered, and to help create a community that is loving and supportive for all.

To be able to see that in action today, to know that I was actively helping a sister discover God’s love, I just can’t describe that feeling in words.

Praise be to God. Alhamdulillah.


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