Personal Reflections

To Give a Smile Away

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

On a blog that features many of the more negative things I have gone through as a convert and highlights the areas of improvement needed where new Muslims are concerned, I also want to share with you all of the good things that Islam has brought to me as well.

After writing a post for next week all about the shocking things I have seen in mosques and some of the very negative ways I have been affected in prayer spaces, I had to stop in at a mosque today while I was out running errands.

Because of many of my previous experiences, I get super stressed out when I go into mosques now.

But you know what happened? A sister, who happened to be coming out the same door I was going in, gave me a huge, heartfelt smile and told me “salaam alaikum, sister!” I couldn’t help but also break into a smile as I returned her greeting, and honestly this small encounter made me feel so much happier, and made my whole day.

So remember everyone, whatever you are going through, whatever you may think of someone else, greet your brothers and sisters in faith from your heart! You never know who’s life you can touch with just a small word and a smile.

In regards to the fact that this is a random, late night post on an out-of-sequence day, I have come to the conclusion that this is my blog, and I can do what I want. So from now on I will, God willing, post every Monday and Thursday like usual, and then whenever else I feel like it!

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