The Serenity Scarf

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheen

Ok y’all, I am doing something a little bit different today!

A little while ago (ok, a long while ago) my mom ordered me a prayer gown from Serenity Scarves and had it shipped to me in London for my birthday (so June, 2016). I was super impressed with everything about this prayer gown, but I wasn’t able back then to find a site where I could review it. I was pretty bummed about this, because I love, love, love to write good reviews of things/places/people that go the extra mile, have great service, or in general just make me happy.

So today I am going to write that review for you guys.

You can go check out the Serenity Scarves website, that in and of itself is pretty nice. I appreciate when something is simple and easy to navigate, which this certainly is. I was able to pick out the prayer outfit that I liked most, and easily send the link via email to my mom for her to check it out. I am assuming that she also had an easy time with the purchase and payment, or at least I didn’t hear any complaints.

As for the shipping, it was super quick considering they were shipping internationally. I think I got it at my door in London within about a week of my mom ordering it in the U.S. If you are at all familiar with the postal service between the U.K. and the U.S. you know this is pretty decent.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the outer packaging was how nice the inner package was. I am a sucker for pretty packaging, so I was pretty excited about this before I even got the thing out. Under the outer plastic was a layer of pretty tissue paper, and the scarf itself was carefully rolled up and tied with a pretty black ribbon.

Excited to finally see what the gown looked/felt like in person, I undid the ribbon and unwrapped it.

Firstly, the colours and pattern were exactly how they looked online, so basically they were absolutely lovely. The material is 100% synthetic silk, which feels super luxurious and soft, but is also pretty easy to take care of.

I was a bit nervous as I tried it on, because it was a “one size fits all” type thing, and “all” don’t usually tend to be 5’9”, which means that often times dresses, skirts and even abayas tend to be short on me.

The Serenity Scarf, however, was the perfect fit! The sleeves go all the way down to my wrists, and the gown itself is floor length and perfectly covers my feet while I pray. The only issue I had was that the opening for my face was a little to big, but that was easily fixed by throwing on a wide cotton headband to cover my hair and keep the scarf in place.

It has obviously been a while now since I got it, and after praying five or more times a day for all these months, praying taraweeh every night during Ramadan, and getting attacked by a kitten who thinks he is a tiger multiple times while praying, my Serenity Scarf is still going strong.

All in all, I am super impressed with this prayer gown. It is beautiful and comfortable, perfectly modest and simple to wear for prayer, plus it is durable and easy to care for. I highly recommend getting one if you are a sister in the U.S or one of the countries they ship to! They usually run around $75, which I totally understand is on the pricey side for a lot of us, but I would say it is totally worth the investment!

I hope you will go check them out; there are plenty of different patterns and colors on their website, so I am sure you will find something to love!

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