Ok, I am going to be really honest and tell you: this post is a 100% selfish post for me and my best friend (Bridget you had better be reading this). In trying to find a way to write about something funny that she said, I came up with this. Part personal style post, part hijab journey post, mixed with generally hijab stuff, which by now you know I love to talk about.

So here is how it started: I sent my best friend Bridget a picture of me and a cat-friend that I made in the town of Hammam Debagh. She complimented my outfit, and I told her how that is just the abaya + hijab combo that I throw on over my house dress when I am feeling to lazy to work out a whole skirt + top + shoes + hijab kind of outfit. She replied, “so abaya = sweatpants.” And I said, that sounds like a funny blog post title! She said “do it,” and I got to writing.

And here we are…

Funnily enough, I always used to think that abayas were kind of ugly. All of the ones I have ever seen look like they are made from horribly uncomfortable material, and don’t fit very well, and are all in all unflattering and stifling.

But recently I have been on the journey from my old sundresses over my old jeans with long cardigans type thing that I was working from my pre-hijab wardrobe, into long blouses, cardigans, or kimonos with skirts or long maxi dresses. Plus I have started covering my feet.

Which makes getting dressed a whole lot more tedious these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my pastels and floral blouses, but some days I so just don’t feel like it.

Enter abayas.

A little while ago I needed to run out of the house really quick for some errands, but all my skirts were in the laundry. My husband’s mom gave me her abaya to borrow (steal) for the day, and I have never been so comfortable since I started wearing hijab.

Just throw on my scarf, shoes and socks and I am good to go!

The abaya is long enough and has a high enough neckline that I have literally no worries about any bits and pieces coming undone.

So yes indeed, for me an abaya is basically my sweatpants. Bonus: you can find so many nice coloured and embroidered ones I don’t have to send myself into another personal style crisis in order to be comfy and modest.

Also, I know that there are so many different varieties of abaya out there these days, and some can even be an outfit in and of themselves, but I am talking about the good ‘ol zip front, super easy, cover-up-your-house-clothes kind of abaya. (I am still working out how I feel about other abayas).

The only downfall, though, is that decent quality abayas can get pretty pricey…When is next Eid again?


3 thoughts on “Abaya=Sweatpants

    1. ashleybounoura

      Hahaha no I haven’t…I tend to wear loose comfy dresses at home in preference to sweatpants or pyjamas so I would have to go find some to try this experiment…


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