5 Thoughts I Had the First Time I Made Wudu

1.Wait what order does this all go in? Looking down to check my little post-it note next to the sink…Really, face then arms, then head? Ok got it…wait how many times was I supposed to was that again?

2.I am truly not sure I am doing this right. Is there supposed to be this much water everywhere in my bathroom?!

3.Ok, exactly how far into my nasal cavity does this water have to go? I can’t even handle getting water one millimetre inside of my nose let alone all up in there.

4.Agh there goes all of my make-up (side note: I don’t really wear much make-up out, except my ever necessary SPF 15 BB cream, but it is always sad when I wash it off and then forget to reapply!)

5.Well, I may not have done that in the right order and I made a huge mess everywhere, but that was pretty refreshing! I think I can live with doing this multiple times a day; I feel so clean!


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