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Qur’an Journaling: Give it a Try!

Hello all! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the fall-timey weather (or spring-timey if you are south of the equator?)!

Today I want to share a little something that I have been doing for the past couple of months, and I hope you will try it out too!

For the record: I originally got this idea from a photo I saw in a bullet journaling Facebook group from Mariam Poppins, and I have modified it over the past few months to fit my own needs.

What is the “it” I am talking about? Qur’an journaling!

As I am sure many of you don’t know, I am a huge organisation, planning, and to-do list fan. I like to have my days, my work, my duties and chores, my blog posts, etc. planned out to a T. Since I have been a student in some capacity for the past 19 years of my life, I have usually used an academic planner to plans my days, weeks, and months. But since I am not a student anymore (:O), that format doesn’t really work for me.

Enter bullet journaling—it is an organisation and planning system where you bascially just use one notebook and keep everything important in there: addresses, notes, recipes, and yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily spreads to track your plans and to-dos.

One thing I have been trying to do with my bullet journal is use it to help me be a better Muslim and connect more in my daily life with my religion. For example: during Ramadan I had a spread for my Ramadan goals, and a couple of different trackers to track the progress I was making on the surahs I wanted to memorize. I have also tried a worship tracker, where I fill in the square next to each thing I accomplished that day (i.e. praying each prayer on time, extra prayers, fasting, tasbeeh and supplications after the prayers, etc.).

One thing that I have really been loving, however, is Qur’an journaling.

I do it every other day (it takes a lot of pages!), usually first thing when I wake up. I find that it is a really beautiful way to start my day, and it puts me in a good mood and an Islamically-motivated mindset all day long.

Plus, I am always learning something new about the Holy Book; words that I didn’t understand before, meanings that I did not realise were there, and the reasons and situations behind the revelation.

Since I have started Qur’an journaling, I have really began to feel the Qur’an penetrating my heart, more that I ever have in just reading it or memorising chapters and verses. I am beginning to really understand each verse that I journal, and because of that understanding I have a new love for it and it is able to have a real impact in my life.

So how do I do it?

I have an app on my phone that a friend recommended to me (Muslim Pro) mainly for keeping track of prayer times in whatever city/country I may happen to be in. But it also has a “verse of the day” function, which is what I use to choose which verse I am going to journal. I just look at which verse is selected for the day I am doing it, and use that one!

I begin by writing the name of the chapter and number of the verse. Under that I write out the English translation of the verse, and then under that I write the Arabic (which is great practice for my awful Arabic handwriting!).

Then I skip a line and write in the tafsir/explanation for that particular verse. You can use whichever source you have on hand, or you like best for this part!

After I finish writing out all the tafsir, I skip another line and begin my “reflections” section. This is where I write whatever the verse made me feel, think about, or maybe other hadiths or verses that it reminds me of. Really any connections the verse is making for me. Sometimes I even write a little goal at the end, like being more grateful to God, or remembering something special about the verse.

And that is it!

Like I said, I do it every other day, but you can do it on whatever time-frame suits you best—every day, once a week, twice a month, whatever you have time for!

Do any of you do something similar? If not, give it a try and let me know what you think of it! Just grab any notebook (or even a word doc) and pick any verse that speaks to you, look up the tafsir of it, and then write out your reflections. Can’t wait to hear from you!



10 thoughts on “Qur’an Journaling: Give it a Try!

    1. Glad I could help with some inspiration 🙂 I have been loving the bullet journal system and finding this from Marian Poppins’ site has made it that much better for me! I hope you will find Qur’an journaling as rewarding as I have!


  1. This is brilliant! I love bullet journalling and as I’m about to start a new one for new calendar year, I was planning to incorporate more Islam into it. So far I’ve only been tracking my prayers etc., but was thinking about verses from the Quran too – off to check out that app now! 😉


    1. Yeah, the daily verses from that app are pretty random, but it is the only one I know about so that’s what I use 🙂 sometimes I also just open up my mushaf and begin reading and whenever I find a verse that speaks to me I use that one…that is a good way to go to 🙂 glad I could give you a bit of inspiration for the new bullet journal!!


  2. As-Salaamu A’alaykum,
    Such a great idea that I am going to try and implement. Like you, I like to ponder, create and add a personal touch and I think this would really help me to implement the beautiful words of Allah into my life in sha Allah…

    Do you have a recommendation of Tasfir to read online? I recently moved and still have all of my books in my mama’s house alongwith Tasfir that I had. I would really appreciate your help. May Allah reward you for this amazing idea and bless your life for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wa alaikum salaam, and ameen to your dua 🙂
      Yes while here in Algeria I have been using it is a project started by Yusuf Estes and the tafsir is taken directly out of Ibn Kathir. You can go straight to a surah and ayah too, which is super helpful 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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