Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Salaam everyone, and welcome to Muslimah According to Me! This is where I share my experiences and reflections as an American convert to Islam, and I strive to make this a place for converts, born-Muslims, and non-Muslims alike to come for open and honest discussion. And hopefully learning a little something new!

If you are a new Muslim, make sure to check out my resources page,  where I share books, articles, videos and other resources that I myself found very helpful on my journey to Islam. And if you are ever in need of some support, someone who has been there and can lend an ear, or just have some questions for me, feel free to drop comments on any of my articles, or head over to the contact form for a more private discussion!

To get you started, you can go check out some of these popular posts here, here and here. And to learn more about me personally, head over to my about page.

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