A Hijab Transition

Ok y’all, so I wrote around a month ago (well actually I wrote that quite a few months ago and just got around to posting it a month ago…) about a bit of a decision I have been facing lately, and I wanted to write a quick post to share how things have changed since then, and the answer I came up with to my own question.

As you may remember, I was looking to upgrade my modesty a bit, feeling like I was ready to take the next step on my hijab journey, though not quite sure about which direction to head in.

Well, one day while I was out and about with my husband, it dawned on me… 

We were sitting on a bench by the beach, and I kept seeing these women walking past us, and getting a little jealous as to what they were wearing. They all looked so beautiful, and so modest, and also so comfortable.Then I realised, that is the perfect next step!

So a couple days later I brought it up with my husband, and he was totally behind the idea of a changeover for me. I think his exact words were “I will stop you about something nakey-shakey, but I will never stop you about something that covers more.” So we headed out to the city centre and bought a couple of what I call Algerian khimars.

I don’t know what you would actually call them, but this particular style is pretty common here so I just call them Algerian (update: I have recently learned that they are technically, I think, called two piece jilbabs. I think…)!

At any rate, they are two piece sets: you can get them with a skirt and khimar like the ones I have, or you can get them with loose, harem like trousers (sometimes called salwaar) and the khimar on top (which I am considering getting for things like sports, jogging and swimming!).

If you remember anything about how I used to feel about abayas, I used to feel the same about khimars. My main issue is that when you wear a long khimar, arm movement seems to become a bit of an issue. And for someone who enjoys being out and about and doing active things, that is a problem.

But the ones here in Algeria, though they go down past my knees, have awesome little armhole/sleeve bits that simultaneously cover my arms and allow me to use them!

The fabric is also great: it is breathable but not see-through, and light but not light enough to show off all the curves. They are super-loose and comfy, but not so loose that you will get bogged down in billowy fabric. They tie behind the head, so I never have to worry about them slipping off or wearing an under-scarf…heck, I don’t even have to put my hair up any more if I don’t feel like it.

Plus, the waistband is elastic and stretchy enough that I can sit the skirt low enough on my waist for the skirt to be exactly the right length!

Now if only I had my sewing machine to put pockets in them they would be absolutely perfect…

But yeah. I am really happy that I have found something that can take my modesty to the next level were I was feeling I was ready to go, but are also super comfy, and come in lots of pretty colours. I will be working on this wardrobe update for a little while, and I can’t wait to see where the journey will go next!

I would, as always, love to hear any thoughts you may have!


17 thoughts on “A Hijab Transition

      1. Assalamu aleikum… Would love to know where to source some in natural fabric in sha Allah… or simply one I could copy in natural material… pls let me know if you find any good online sellers who ship internationally! Or better yet a pattern! Jzk ws 🙂

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      2. ashleybounoura

        Salaam! So I have been looking around online but unfortunately I haven’t had as much spare time as I would like lately…I did find this tutorial for a jilbab http://artsyfartsymuslimah.blogspot.com/2014/09/diy-sewing-french-jilbab.html?m=1 I don’t particularly like the way she did the sleeves, but she gives a couple other options for the sleeves so you can find whatever is comfortable for you! It’s not the best tutorial but if you already know how to sew I think it can give you a good starting point InshAllah 🙂

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    1. ashleybounoura

      I’ve been looking around for the fabric…it’s not on the tags on any of mine and no one else seems to wear them or care what they are made of here, but my best guess is some blend of polyester…sorry I couldn’t find a better answer for you!

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      1. Lol @ care for what they are. The ones I have a made of nidha fabric which looks similar to polyester but definitely not the best fabric for hot weather conditions but JazakiAllah Khair for your efforts! Appreciate your time

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      2. ashleybounoura

        Oh yeah these are pretty Ok in hot weather…at least they are a bit breathable 🙂 but yeah haha the two questions ladies here ask about their clothes are “is it expensive” and “is it a brand name” not what is it made out of haha 😜


  1. You sound as glad as I felt when I found some places online to buy nice Turkish-style şalvar (harem pants). Being a Hanafi-Maturidi (and living in an area predominated by two Hindi sects that claim the same but belonging to neither), I guess I have a natural affinity for Turkic/Central Asian things, and when I took a family holiday to Istanbul and saw the religious Turkish dudes looking so smart in their grandad shirts and baggy Aladdin pants, I had to get in on the action 😂

    Not exactly a modesty issue, but we – especially converts – should be able to express our individuality.

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  2. Salaamu aleikoum,
    Alif alif mabrouk on your “next step” .
    The boce you described is called jilbab algerienne although it wasn’t invented here, but in France. The materialssold in Algeria are mostly synthetic polyesters. Finding cotton is really rare here. You can better quality and cheaper ones online.

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    1. ashleybounoura

      Wa alaikum salaam! Thank you for your comment! I have just recently heard them called French jilbabs, I was wondering if that was where they were invented 🙂 I have noticed that there are not many cotton ones here, but the polyester blend I got is a decent quality for the price. InshAllah when I am back in the states I can look into finding some online as well! Jazakallah khair for the information!


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