Guest Post: Establishing an Islamic Home

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

The guest post I have for you today is a bit different, and in shaa Allah I hope you will find it interesting!

I actually met this awesome sister in a group for bullet journaling. First I was drawn in by her lovely journal pictures, then the clever name in the watermark caught my attention. I headed over to her blog to see what it was all about, and was instantly sucked in! I found so many things, from self-help, to homemaking, from art to Islamic reflections and her own convert story.

I must admit, I have never been into the idea of traditional homemaking. But since I have converted and I have been getting closer to that time in my life where I will actually be starting my own little family in shaa Allah, I have found myself becoming much more attracted to ideas like home-schooling, natural living, and traditional homemaking. It is something I have been enjoying reading more about lately. And I’ve gotten myself a little stressed out about how I will possibly raise good Muslim kids in the environment of the 21st century U.S.A.

I know it is not the traditional fare of this blog, but I wanted to know some more of her thoughts on this, and I thought it may be interesting for other converts out there to read as well. I know for many of us it can be a struggle blending family life in with non-Muslim and Muslim family, old traditions and new ones, and living in various non-Muslim majority countries. So, I asked her if she would be willing to guest post for me, and she said yes!

Without further ado: today’s post is from Mariam Poppins. As she puts it: a blog all about helping women get out of their own way, to not only be a dreamer but a doer! Constant self-improvement in each aspect of our lives is the constant conversation around here. We push for positivity and productivity often. This is one of my favorite places to be and I hope it ends up being one of yours! This is my little place in the blog-o-sphere where you can find inspiration and tips on building the life that you want and being the woman you desire to be In shaa Allaah!

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As salaamu alaikum

May Allaah bless you reader with good in this life and the next Aameen!

I am so thankful first to Allaah for this opportunity and I pray that we all benefit. I also am thankful to Sister Ashley for believing in my abilities enough to allow me to write on this special topic on this special blog. Thank you so much.

Building a Islaamic home in the 21st century is so important! This is one of my favorite topics to talk about and today I’m going to share some of my tips for establishing an Islaamic home in the 21st century In shaa Allaah.

“Regarding the Muslim family, the Scholars of Islaam always begin with the place that the Muslim family lives (the home), since if the home is correct and it is perfected by Islaam and the Sunnah, then the end result is that the society will be perfected. (Note: this perfection is only to the extent that man is able to be ‘perfect’, different from the perfection of Allaah which is absolute perfection.”

– quote taken from theclearsunnah.wordpress.com

Al Hamdulillaah I really wanted to share that quote as I believe it is a great reminder for myself first and to everyone reading this article.

Here are some of my tips that I’ve learned throughout the years.

1. Intentions

Before you do anything in this life always make your intentions to please Allaah. I notice from my own life and the life of others that when we focus on pleasing man (man meaning human beings) we will quit doing what we were striving to do if the person makes us upset, even if it was something beneficial. For example, you decide that first thing in the morning you want to make breakfast for your husband because it makes him happy. You love him and he loves you. Everything feels like total bliss and then one day he makes you angry. You figured that morning you won’t make him breakfast. You do not even want to touch the brother’s food! Yet, if we strive to please Allaah then will remember the bigger picture. We will remember to keep striving as the benefit outweighs the harm.

2. Recite/play the Qur’aan

Our whole entire understanding of how to be a good Muslim, how to run a home and how to practice this way of life comes from our blessed book – the Qur’aan. Take time to recite Qur’aan often so that your children are always hearing the words of Allaah. Let them listen to the reciters of the Holy Book.

It is reported that ‘Abdullâh b. Mas’ûd – Allâh be pleased with him – said:
The house in which the Qur’ân is not recited is like a derelict house that has no one to maintain it.

It is also reported that he said:

Verily the emptiest of houses are those that are empty of the Book of Allâh.

It is reported that Abû Hurayrah – Allâh be pleased with him – used to say about the house in which the Qur’ân is recited:

It becomes spacious for its inhabitants, the good of it becomes plentiful, the angels come to it and the devils leave it. And the house in which the Qur’ân is not recited becomes cramped for its inhabitants, has little good in it, and the devils come to it.
Ibn Abî Shaybah, Al-Musannaf articles 30645, 30647 and 30650.

3. Keep your home free from impurities from books, radios and tv

Believe it or not but you can shake the Islaamic foundation by letting haraam and filth enter your home by the way of bad tv shows, music and books that promote an un-Islaamic lifestyle. Our family is our trust from Allaah and we must strive to protect them.
When you play that music, singing, rapping, and talking about the latest Scandal episode….where is the remembrance of Allaah? What is this filth YOU let in? We’ve got to be more responsible with our souls. I’m so serious. It’s hard to give up worldly pleasures like music, provocative movies, and hot shows. But Ya Allaah The Hell-Fire is hotter. We’ve got to ask ourselves are we using this moment to bring us closer to Jannah or The Hell-Fire; are we establishing a home that remembers الله?

So when you have young children singing the latest song and shaking body parts that should not be shaking then we have to figure as parents, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ Subhana Allaah. May Allaah protect us from that happening. Strive hard to preserve your family by being mindful of what you bring into your home by the way of technology.

4. Establish the prayer

Another way to build an Islaamic household in the 21st century to pray. Everyone knows that saying that a “family who prays together, stays together.” Allaahu’Akbkar! With Allaah being the core reason why we are here doing the things that we are doing then it’s not hard to believe that cliché statement. Pray together often. Pray for each other. Let the mother pray for the father in front of the children and ask Allaah to give their father strength and to preserve him as he travels about in this dunya. Let the father pray to Allaah in front of his children that she remain patient on her homemaking journey and that Allaah make her way easy for her.

 “Also from the disasters which occur in many of the houses of the Muslims is belittling and playing around with the obligatory prayers- how sorrowful is this! ”

From the book: My Home My Path

Al Hamdulillaah I hope and pray that Allaah makes the Muslims successful and make our way easy Aameen.

There are so many other ideas that I have thought about or read that I want to share, but for now I would like to know from you guys what are some ways to build an Islaamic home in the 21st century?

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Establishing an Islamic Home”

  1. Masha Allah, beautifully written.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, may Allah continue to strengthen you and fill your home with His endless blessings.


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