Notes: Lives of the Prophets

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

I am super excited to be kicking off a new series, where I will be sharing my notes from the Qalam Institute podcast “Lives of the Prophets.

You may remember a ages ago I wrote a post about my five favourite things to listen to, and one of them is the seerah podcast from Qalam. Every time I listen to it I want to write about the things I am learning, but I have been listening to it for so long I always think, well it makes no sense to start writing out my notes halfway through-I’m already in the sixth year after hijrah!

Plus the lessons can be very dense and information heavy.

So when I just recently started listening to the new series on the lives of the prophets, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take some notes and share some gems of knowledge with y’all.

I have already gotten through the first two or three episodes about the fundamental things like why Allah swt sends prophets in the first place, characteristics of prophets, and so on. So, in shaa Allah, I plan to start taking some notes and sharing them here with you when I start in on the next couple of episodes: lessons from the live of Adam (as).

I hope you will enjoy my notes as much as I love taking them, can’t wait to dive right in! You can find the list of all the posts so far in the series right here:

Adam (as)

Adam (as) and his sons

Sheeth (as)

Idrees (as)

Nuh (as)



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