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Salaam everyone!

So I am really wanting to start some new projects with this blog, one of which being a newsletter. I would love to have a weekly email with the latest posts, upcoming projects, inspirational quotes, and all sorts of good things, and one of the things all professional bloggers will tell you that you absolutely must have when starting a newsletter is an opt-in.

Now, I am not one to be doing what everyone says you must, but I really do want to start putting some extra time and energy into those of you that have stuck around to follow me, and I hope to give you some extra benefit beyond my weekly posts in shaa Allah.

I love designing stuff and I have some ideas rolling around in my head, but I would love to hear from you guys on this one, since y’all are half the reason I’m even writing this.

I have some ideas for newsletter freebies for new Muslims like a daily ibadah checklist with five daily prayers, tasbeeh, etc. , a step-by-step wudu printable that could be hung on a bathroom mirror, and things like that, but I would also like to hear what would appeal to some of my less-new Muslim readers (like all of the born-Muslims I know are following haha).

What do you think of the ideas above? What about suggestions for things you would love to see as a newsletter opt-in? Also, is there anything you would really love to have me include in the actual newsletter? Do let me know in the comments in shaa Allah (or hit up the contact form if you don’t like comments)!!


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