Book Review: Ramadan Reflections: The 10 Minute Journal

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

So, in the next couple of weeks leading up to Ramadan in shaa Allah, I am planning to share a few posts with you with tips and ideas that could be useful during that wonderful month.

Today I have something that I am super excited about, a book review! These have been few and far between lately, mainly because of the lack of English-language book stores here in Algeria. This one, though, was sent over to me from Samira at The Muslimah Guide.

You can read her post all about the story behind this book here , so I’m just going to get straight into my review!

The book is called Ramadan Reflections: The 10 Minute Journal.

I’m sure you’re thinking, well it’s not Ramadan so you couldn’t have possibly used this journal yet, how do you have any opinion on it?!

Yeah, well, no, I haven’t used it yet. But I had a look through and it is something that I think will be very helpful in shaa Allah to keeping my Ramadan on track. And I think it is something that others could find beneficial as well! 

The basic premise is to take five minutes in the morning to answer some pre-made questions, and five minutes in the evening (10 minutes total), every day. This keeps you focused and accountable, and is meant to help you actually reach your Ramadan goals instead of reaching the end of the month feeling like you accomplished nothing (we’ve all had that feeling before, it’s not nice).

I appreciate that it is only supposed to take ten minutes a day, spread out over morning and evening, as I know many do not have the luxury of free time like I do. I think this could be especially beneficial for sisters who are taking care of families while fasting, or others who have to work around a job or school during the month. In the month of Ramadan we want to be spending every minute as productively as we can, and I think this is a great way to keep us on track, without having to take up half the day with lengthy journaling prompts.

It starts with a page for your Ramadan goals. Usually this is something I write out in a Ramadan spread in my bullet journal, but I like the idea of having it all together in one special Ramadan journal. On the page right after your Ramadan goals, there is a page for listing out the actual steps and actions you can take to reach those goals.

I absolutely loved that part! Too often we talk about goals, goals, goals, but then we don’t come up with any practical actions to get there. Or we just go at it willy nilly without a real plan. So I think it is really awesome that there is a space built into this journal to help you figure out exactly what your action plan is to get to those goals.

The rest of the journal comprises mainly of the daily pages, spaced out between quotes, ahadith, and ayat of the Qur’an. For each daily page there are a couple of morning questions—not to give anything away but things like priorities, gratitude, etc—and a couple of evening questions to help you find out what you actually accomplished and what you felt good about that day. I love that there are hadith and verses from the Qur’an interspersed between these pages, for a little dose of Ramadan inspiration!

There is a page in the back for your Ramadan reflections, which I think would be great for reflecting on how much you achieved, while making some plans for the coming year, in shaa Allah.

The design was simple and the layout clean, and all in all I am pretty excited to try this out in the coming Ramadan! You can find it on Amazon, and I would love to hear what others think of it! Does anyone else have it? Does it sound like something you would find beneficial?

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