Welcome Ramadan! Goals and Reflections

Salaam y’all,

That time of the year is here again! Alhamdulillah we have made it to another Ramadan. I am so excited to be starting out on this month of fasting and worship, and I hope you are too!

I know many of us enter Ramadan all excited, with big goals and plans, but by the end of Ramdan end up feeling like we wasted it all and didn’t accomplish anything. I have definitely been there myself, and I want to not go there this year.

And because you know about me and public accountability, I wanted to share some of this year’s Ramadan goals with y’all. Feel free to share yours in the comments, and in shaa Allah we can help each other to reach them! I am keeping it to five simple goals this year, that I know are lofty enough, yet still attainable for me with the right amount of work.

So here goes:

1.Memorise the whole final juz of the Qur’an. Admittedly, I have a good head-start with the small surahs, but I need that little extra push to keep it going!

2.Read through the whole Qur’an in the month, with both Arabic and English meaning. In the past years I have completed the Qur’an only with English, and this year I am looking to connect a bit more as my Arabic begins to improve.

3.When I am unable to fast or pray, pause my day, at least for the times of the five daily prayers, in order to sit down and do some tasbeeh/dhikr/duas. I also want to keep up on my English Qur’an reading during this time, and do all that I can to help my family that will still be fasting!

4.Be productive with my time, and stay off of time-wasting things like social media. I know this one is a bit more vague, but trust me I know what productivity feels like and what my time-wasting feels like, so I will be able to report back at the end of the month on how this one goes!

5.And finally, pray more extra prayers. Taraweeh for sure, but also some qiyam al-layl at home before fajr. All the sunnah prayers, the duha prayer, they are all on my list! I think this one will be the most difficult for me because it is the most time-consuming, but in shaa Allah I will be able to make these a lasting habit!

In regards to number four above—this is going to mean some changes for this blog as well during the coming month. Because I plan to be off of technology as much as possible, I have all of my posts scheduled out for Ramadan, and will probably only be checking in here on the comments after maghrib each day. Y’all will only be getting one post a week, on Wednesdays in shaa Allah, though when Ramadan is over I will try to get back to my normal schedule.

I will still be reachable on my email, but the Facebook page will be looking pretty neglected as well. I plan to be off of Facebook entirely, except where communication with people like my mama are concerned through the messenger app.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what your goals are for this year, and we can check in all together every now and again in shaa Allah!

May Allah put barakah in our time and grant us an accepted Ramadan. May He bring us closer to Him through our ibadah during this holy month, and reward us with the best of rewards. May He right our affairs for us, and give us the best of this life and the hereafter, ameen!


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