The Six Days of Shawwal

Salaam everyone!

In today’s day and age everything is fast. Especially in internet time, it has already been like, three years since my final Ramadan post. And I know, now that Ramadan and Eid are over, y’all have probably settled back into life, work, and routine and have plenty going on right now; you probably don’t want to hear any more about fasting until next Ramadan comes around!

But today I just wanted to share a little reminder, that we are still in the month of Shawwal.

“Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with six days of Shawwal, it will be as if he fasted for a lifetime.” Narrated in Muslim

It is also narrated that the Prophet (saws) said that you earn ten times the reward in Ramadan, so one month of fasting is like ten, and the six days of Shawwal complete the year.

My first year fasting I did not end up completing all six days (that I remember), and my second year fasting I just was too lazy to even try. This year, however, I am going for it in shaa Allah! I don’t have kids or a job to work around, so why would I not try to grab the reward of extra fasts after Ramadan? And you know me, I don’t like earning reward without the rest of y’all, so I hope some of you will decide to try it with me!

For us sisters (or brothers who may have been ill or travelling during Ramadan), there is the question of making up missed fasts. Do we have to do our missed obligatory fasts from Ramadan first, or can we reap the benefits of fasting six days of Shawwal, and make up our Ramadan fasts later?

From the research I have done into the topic, there are a couple differences of opinions. The Hanbali school of thought seems to be the only of the major four that outright says that you absolutely must make up your Ramadan fasts before you can complete any sunnah fasts, i.e. six days of Shawwal. The other three (and someone do correct me if I’m misinformed), have various opinions on which should be done first, but they all hold that it is permissible to do it either way.

If you’re not a Hanbali, I would say leave it up to your individual circumstances. Obviously, it is always better to complete something obligatory before moving onto something extra, but if it would be extra difficult for you to finish all of your Ramadan fasts and then do another six days, well, your body and your family have rights over you too!

For me personally, I would usually prefer to do my Ramadan fasts, then do the Shawwal ones (how awesome would that feel to have everything done and out of the way a full 11 months before next Ramadan!?). This year, however, I had to leave off of fasting twice. This means that I would be making up roughly two weeks of fasting, and adding another six days basically makes it a full extra month. And with my current circumstances surrounding living situation and travel and whatnot, that would honestly be an extra burden on both me and my husband.

So this year I am going to try to do the six days of Shawwal first (they can be consecutive or on different days throughout the month, whatever works for you), and then take care of my Ramadan fasts as my circumstances permit, in shaa Allah.

So, who is with me? Let me know in the comments if you are doing the six days of Shawwal, or if you already finished them! In shaa Allah we can do it together!


13 thoughts on “The Six Days of Shawwal

  1. And I finished mine yesterday alhamdullilah ! Repaid back days I missed first and then the 6 days💞
    When are you starting yours? I had to try do it right after Eid as I was still in the Ramadan spirit but I’m not ready to enjoy my food during the day . Lol

    Don’t forget to make your double intention if the 6 days you wish to fast on fall either on a mon, thurs or the 3 white days… 💋

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    1. ashleybounoura

      Hooray, alhamdulillah! So awesome that you got yours done 🙂 I’ve done a couple of days during the week after Eid, but then of course some other circumstances got in the way again :/ in shaa Allah I am going to start again with the white days and finish off with a few Mondays and Thursdays! Then I will get to those two weeks I have to make up…

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  2. justsayyas

    I have been fasting for more than 10 years and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never observed the 6 sunnah fasts . Alhamdulillah this year that is going to change! I’ve already got 3 down 🙂
    Jazakallahu Khair for the further encouragement and Jumuah Mubarak!

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    1. ashleybounoura

      Jummah mubarak! Well the past is the past, what is important is that you’ve made this year your turning point! In shaa Allah the last three will go well for you, may Allah make it easy on us and accept from us all of our efforts, Ameen ❤


  3. Imām Mālik had the opinion that the “min Shawwāl” mentioned in the hadīth meant “any time after Shawwāl” rather than “from out of Shawwāl.” In support of this, he cited the fact that none if the scholars of Madīnah fasted six days *in* Shawwāl after Ramadān, but would spread them throughout the year.

    Just FYI…

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    1. ashleybounoura

      Interesting, I didn’t come across that when I was looking…though I also wasnt doing any super in-depth research. Thanks for sharing!


    1. ashleybounoura

      Jazakum Allahu khairan! I’ll have to have a watch 🙂 I have heard that opinion too, and actually another commenter just mentioned as well that in the Maliki school of thought they take “from Shawwal” to mean in Shawwal or anytime thereafter not only the one month…i thought that was interesting too!

      From what I can tell between the different opinions it looks like it all comes down to intention really 🙂 and in shaa Allah we will be rewarded for whatever efforts we are able to put out!

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  4. Asalaamu alaykum! Jazak Allah khair for sharing your motivation and encouraging us all! I have decided to get my owed fasts out of the way before I attempt the 6 Shawwal this year, as I agree with you, I just think it would be so great to get them out of the way to free myself up for voluntary fasts for the rest of the year without the pressure of feeling like I’m in debt! Alhamdulillah I’m currently halfway through my owed fasts, and hope I will be done in time to squeeze in the 6 fasts extra before the end of Shawwal!

    On the topic of whether or not we should start with our obligatory fasts or to go straight into our 6 Shawwal fasts, I did hear from one person that if you *intend* to do the six days of Shawwal but don’t complete them in time because your obligatory fasts took up your time before the month was over, if you then continue to fast your 6 days within the one or two months after Shawwal, it will still be counted and rewarded the same (inshaa Allah) as if you did them in the month of Shawwal. I’ll have a look and see if I can find the video so I can see who it was who said this!

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