I Finally Had Hijama (and you should too!)

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Hijama, or cupping therapy, seems to be the thing these days. It’s all the fashion among celebrities, and even Muslims seem to be having a revival of this sunnah. I vaguely knew it was a thing in Islam, but I didn’t actually know until recently that it is something that people actually still do. Then I read this article from Ayeina, and was starting to think that it might be something for me to try out. On top of that, my own husband has had it done a couple of times, and keeps telling me just how good it is for your body.

For those of you who don’t actually know what hijama is, basically it is where you place cups on certain spots on your back/neck and create suction, then make tiny incisions in those spots and re-apply the cups to pull out all of the old blood.

Some of the benefits of hijama include (and these are just the ones I find most interesting, there are plenty more out there):

  • one of the few viable long-term treatments for migraines, or headaches in general
  • treatment for other kinds of aches and pains
  • helps relieve fatigue
  • helps with gastrointestinal issues
  • can help with female fertility
  • detoxification
  • rebalances hormones
  • greater emotional well-being
  • it’s sunnah!
  • it is relaxing and rejuvenating

Like everyone, when I first heard of what it was, my first thoughts were along the lines of “ouch” and “ick.” But as I kept reading and hearing more and more about the benefits people had gotten from having it done, I decided to go search out someone to do it for me. I finally found a female doctor who is qualified in hijama and other things like acupuncture here in Algeria, just before Ramadan, and decided to go ahead with it!

She did an exam, checked my blood pressure, and asked me about my medical history, and then decided that the best way would be to do hijama specifically for my migraines. Four small cups on the back of my neck, three bigger ones down my spine, and then she turned me over and did three small ones right on my forehead.

The ones on my back and neck didn’t bother me at all, in fact it was actually super-relaxing. Like, I could’ve literally gone to sleep. It reminded me of the times back in the day when I used to go get cranio-sacral massages for my migraines, except I didn’t feel quite as dopey after this as I did after those.

The ones on my head were a little painful. The feeling of the suction cups pulling on my forehead was not the most comfortable, and it actually made me feel a bit woozy. Plus apparently my skin up there is a little more sensitive or something, because the incisions actually hurt a bit when she did them.

When all was said and done, though, my head felt clearer and lighter than it has in quite a while. Before having this done I had been getting pretty persistent headaches, that I was worried would lead to more migraines eventually, but having hijama done really cleared that up.

I was super hungry (the doctor told me no food or anything three hours before the appointment), and kind of sleepy afterwards, so I went home and had some lunch, prayed dhuhr, and took a wee sunnah nap. I didn’t actually sleep much, but after getting up and having some tea, I was feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated I couldn’t quite believe it!

As for the places where the hijama was done, I had some big ol’ black and blue spots on my neck and forehead for a while, and for a day or two after it was done I felt like I had a bit of a sunburn in those spots (from the little scratches), but it was nothing too uncomfortable.

One thing I was worried about also when having it done was seeing my own blood. Not seeing my own blood, I was injured often enough as a child to not be bothered in the slightest by blood, but I was scared it was going to come out all brown and goopy or otherwise unhealthy looking. Don’t know why that worried me, but it did. But alhamdulillah it was a very normal shade of red, I am happy to report!

If you are, in general, scared of seeing blood, having hijama done still shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you. I was only able to see mine because I looked at it, but if the doctor is doing it on your back and the back of your neck, you really don’t even come in contact with it.

All that is to say, I would totally recommend y’all trying out hijama if you have a doctor/practitioner near you! There is almost no pain involved, and I, like many others who have had it done, felt so fresh and light afterwards that it was totally worth it! Why go spend money on a massage when you can be equally relaxed and detoxed, and follow the sunnah at the same time!

Has anyone here had it done? Thoughts, opinions? Y’all know I love to hear from you! Anyone feeling inspired to have it done soon after reading this?!

P.S. I mentioned Ayeina up there; have y’all had the chance to check out their productivity journal that launched as of October 2017? Find that over HERE*, and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

*This is an affiliate link, which means that when you purchase through this link I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Don’t worry, I will never, ever recommend products that I myself don’t love!


4 thoughts on “I Finally Had Hijama (and you should too!)”

  1. Salaam sister Ashley ❤️
    Insha’allah you are well.
    You have inspired me to think about getting this done! I am going to do some more research and insha’allah get hijama done soon. I am a little scared and i seem to pass out when i see alot of blood so ill probably not look 😳. Jazakallah khair for sharing your experiance with us.

    Wsalaam ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Salaam 🙂

      Really if you have it done on your back like normal, you shouldn’t come in contact with the blood at all in shaa Allah! And most of the time it isn’t any extreme amount like donating blood or something like that haha 🙂

      In shaa Allah let me know if you do have it and how you feel after! I’ve been getting headaches again so it looks like it’s time for me to go back in…


    1. I was a bit drowsy afterwards.. .But I think that also had to do with not eating more than it had to do with the hijama. I just ate a bit and took
      a little power nap and felt just fine!

      Do keep me updated in shaa Allah 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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