A Crazy New Endeavor!

Salaam alaikum everyone!

So, I’m working on a little something behind the scenes ove here.

I have been feeling super disconnected from my blog, for quite a while now. I have been wanting to take it in a different direction and kick it up a notch for a while, but I just keep giving myself excuses: to be professional I need to be self-hosted, I need good photography, etc. And I neither have the internet bandwidth or money for those kinds of things right now.

But then I realized, I really don’t need any of that.

So I am working on putting together a new WordPress site that really reflects the message I want to be sharing!

Hooray, how exciting!

I will still be posting here while I am getting that up in shaa Allah, but I don’t have the time for that much double-duty, so I will be dropping off to one post a week from now until the switchover.

I can’t wait to unveil what I have going on, so keep your eyes out for updates in the next few months!


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