Lives of the Prophets: Sheeth (as)

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

So, it has been quite a while since I’ve done one of these, so I’ll start by letting any new-comers know what’s up: I started a series ages ago (find the first post and the rest of the series here) where I share my notes as I listen through Qalam Institute’s podcast series Lives of the Prophets. I love the series, but I have been so busy with other stuff these days that I have been finding it hard to actually sit down and take notes. Usually I do my podcast-listening while doing housework or embroidery, so to stop and actually take notes actually takes a little extra time.

But then, during Ramadan, I had a thought—I can be learning something beneficial and working on blogging things at the same time! So for the last couple of days of Ramadan I sat down every day to listen to a couple of episodes and prep them up for y’all.

Today I’ll be jumping right back in with Sheeth alayhi salam! I was excited for this episode, as Sheeth’s alayhi salam story isn’t one I am very familiar with. I find learning about these things so interesting, not only because it is interesting for me to learn about the prophets from an Islamic standpoint (as I come from a Christian background), but also because it is just so interesting for me to think about these people who lived so, so long ago.

As always, feel free to leave me some comments; did you learn anything? Anything you would like to add? Thoughts on the story/notes?

Here we go!

  • In the previous episode they talked about Cain killing Abel

    • This made Adam alayhi salam very upset—not only did he lose a son, which is hard enough, but he lost a very virtuous son who was right at the age of marriage

    • He made dua to Allah swt to grant him a son in place of the one he had lost

  • A new child is born to Adam alayhi salam, he is named Sheeth alayhi salam

  • Born as a gift to Adam alayhi salam

  • It is said that he was the most beautiful and the most honorable of Adam’s alayhi salam children

  • Sheeth alayhi salam was one of the prophets who was born circumcised

  • He is referenced in the Qur’an, however, he is not mentioned by name

  • He is mentioned by name in the hadith of the Prophet saws.

    • It is mentioned that 50 of the 100 scrolls that Allah swt has revealed were revealed to Sheeth alayhi salam

    • So, he was the first “rasul” or messenger (one who came with revelation)

      • Adam alayhi salam was the first nabi, or prophet (brought a message but no new book/code of law)

  • When Adam alayhi salam was about to pass away he called Sheeth alayhi salam to give him some advice

    • Firstly, he informed him about time and how to use the times of day to worship Allah swt

    • He also named him as his successor

      • advised him to have a foundation of God consciousness

    • Also told him to very firmly hold on to his advice

      • advised him to be very careful of who he marries, to find a pure and virtuous wife

      • because he would be the father or all the future prophets—they all have a line to Sheeth alayhi salam

        • So, if you want your children to be pious, etc., make sure you marry a pious person.

        • You can’t just marry whoever and then expect your kids to come out little Bukharis (or I think Imam al-Ghazali was his actual example)

      • Adam alayhi salam also told Sheeth alayhi salam not to share his advice with Cain and his children

        • Why?

        • Because they had disobeyed Allah swt, they were not deserving of the knowledge unless they would repent and come seek the knowledge

        • Also, he was scared of Cain’s jealousy and him killing another brother when he found out that Sheeth alayhi salam would be the prophet that all the lines of prophets would descend from

  • After Adam alayhi salam passes away, Sheeth alayhi salam becomes the ruler and a prophet

  • Some narrations say it was Adam alayhi salam that build the first iteration of the Ka’bah, some say it was Sheeth alayhi salam

  • Cain and his people are still running amok and making trouble

    • under the tafsir of the ayah “and do not display your beauty as in times of ignorance*” it is mentioned that shaytan came to the people of Cain in the form of a person and began to play music

    • some of Sheeth’s alyahi salam people heard and came to see what was going on, and the women of Cain’s tribe were excited to see new, good-looking men so this was the first time in human history that women began to essentially undress themselves and try to seduce men who weren’t their husbands.

    • Some scholars actually say that this was the first collective sin committed by mankind

  • So what did Sheeth alayhi salam do about this?

    • Basically he tried to work with them and help them, but they were mostly unresponsive

  • Cain’s people kept increasing in number, and in the future this is the people that Noah (Nuh) alayhi salam was sent to

    • The people who were on the ark with Noah alayhi salam were descended from Sheeth alayhi salam

So there you have it! I’m hoping I’ll be able to start getting these kinds of notes out to you a bit more regularly in shaa Allah; next up on the podcast is the story of Idrees alayhi salam, so keep your eyes out for that!

*The reference for the ayah quoted above is: “…and do not display yourselves as [was] the display of the former times of ignorance…” Qur’an 33:33, Sahih International



8 thoughts on “Lives of the Prophets: Sheeth (as)”

    1. Wa iyyakum 🙂

      Thank you for the comment, alhamdulillah it is good to know it was beneficial for someone!

      I am currently working on getting a new blog up and running, so this blog might be a bit neglected until I can get that one going (I am switching over to that one in shaa Allah), and the next Lives of the Prophets post will probably be on the new one starting September in shaa Allah!

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  1. Jazakallahu khairan sis! This was truly beneficial and instructive. We don’t hear much about the story of Sheeth in general, so I’m grateful that you’ve written about it

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    1. Wa iyyakum! Alhamdulillah I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂 you are right we really don’t hear much of his story, it was so interesting for me to learn as well!

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