Book Review: Reflections from Life

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

I’m so excited to be bringing you the second book review in two months, alhamdulillah! Today I am honored to be bringing you a review of Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration by Aisha Idris of The Bookish Nomad . It is her debut self-help book, and it is full of Islamic inspiration punctuated by real-life lessons taken from her personal experiences.

I was glad to receive a copy of the e-book to read and review; the book was just the perfect mix of spirituality, real life lessons, and personal development, all the things I am so interested in these days!

The author recommends in the very beginning of the book that you do not dive in all at once, but rather take each section slowly so that you can digest the information and really let it sink it. Me being me, I did not take this advice and of course I got addicted and read it within a couple of days. Looking back, I can see how practical the advice was though, because I feel like I will definitely need another re-read to remember the information and be able to actually implement some changes in my life.

The book was set up in chapters which, instead of being highly organized, flowed naturally into one another from topic to topic. As much as I love a good structured book, I actually loved reading through it this way, and I think the fact that I got so caught up in the flow contributed to the fact that I ended up reading it as quickly as I did after I started it.

It didn’t read like a typical self-help type of book, but instead while reading it I really felt like it was written by one Muslim sister for another. The author not only gave good advice, but gave so many lessons and examples from her own life and experiences that it felt much more personal and much less like a magic formula that, if you follow it, you will suddenly be living an inspired, happy life, all of the time.

I think what I am getting at here was that this book was very realistic, and that was one of the things I really loved about it.

Image Courtesy of Aisha Idris

The book covers quite a spread of topics, from the deception of this dunya to overcoming various hardships, from mindset to emotions to belief and spirituality; I really do believe there is something in this book for everyone. And because of the wide range of themes that are discussed, I am feel like I can come back to the book over and over again, and take something different from it depending on where I am in my life.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention the fact that there are a few little grammatical oddities here and there, but it is surely nothing that detracts from the message or makes it hard to read.

All in all I would certainly recommend this book to all my fellow Muslimahs! Whether or not you are going through trials or specifically interested in personal development, I think you will find something in this book that will stick with you, in shaa Allah.

If this sounds like something that you would find beneficial, you can head over to Amazon to buy the paperback or Kindle versions HERE! You can head over and follow Aisha’s social media here and here to keep up with all her latest work and writing!

Also – just wanted to add in a quick apology if my writing today seems a bit rambly…I wrote this on a fasting day, and fasting brain seemed to be getting the better of me!


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