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Salaam everyone!

So I am really wanting to start some new projects with this blog, one of which being a newsletter. I would love to have a weekly email with the latest posts, upcoming projects, inspirational quotes, and all sorts of good things, and one of the things all professional bloggers will tell you that you absolutely must have when starting a newsletter is an opt-in.

Now, I am not one to be doing what everyone says you must, but I really do want to start putting some extra time and energy into those of you that have stuck around to follow me, and I hope to give you some extra benefit beyond my weekly posts in shaa Allah.

I love designing stuff and I have some ideas rolling around in my head, but I would love to hear from you guys on this one, since y’all are half the reason I’m even writing this.

I have some ideas for newsletter freebies for new Muslims like a daily ibadah checklist with five daily prayers, tasbeeh, etc. , a step-by-step wudu printable that could be hung on a bathroom mirror, and things like that, but I would also like to hear what would appeal to some of my less-new Muslim readers (like all of the born-Muslims I know are following haha).

What do you think of the ideas above? What about suggestions for things you would love to see as a newsletter opt-in? Also, is there anything you would really love to have me include in the actual newsletter? Do let me know in the comments in shaa Allah (or hit up the contact form if you don’t like comments)!!

Yet Another Blog Admin Post

Salaam y’all.

Just a quick post to let you know that my “posting every weekday” experiment is going to be coming to an end.

I’ve got some things coming up in these next few months (a potential move back to the States included in shaa Allah!!), which means I am going to be a bit busier, and maybe not quite so present online.

I’ve also been feeling a bit like one post a weekday is just a bit much, and I would prefer to spread out posts for quality over quantity.

So because of all that, I’m going to be scaling back a bit. Mondays will still be a normal post for you, Wednesdays will be a guest post every other week, and a normal post on the off-weeks, and of course I’m keeping Hijab Fridays around, because with a name like Hijab Fridays how could you not?!

At any rate, that’s that. In shaa Allah I’ve got an interesting guest post coming up for you this Wednesday, so keep your eyes out for that!


small cactus on marble with paperclips and polka dot notebooks

Grahpic Makeover

Salaam y’all! So, you may have noticed some new fonts showing up in my featured images on the blog…

Just a wanted to write a quickie post to let you know that that’s normal, and I know about it! As part of the mini-rebranding process I started with the new theme, logo, header and all that, I really wanted to customise my graphics to match up. So away with the boring old hand-written script font.

At any rate, there will be three fonts that you will be seeing from me across the blog with featured images and post images, as well as new social media images that I make myself.

What do you think? All clear and readable?

Also here is a fun little font sampler I made for myself, but I just had to share so you could see what they look like (and how cute it is ;))

Muslimah According to Me font sampler

gold polka dot notebook with red and pink flower necklace, text "Muslimah According to Me: Q and A"

Muslimah According to Me Q and A: Responses

Ok, so from all hundred and something of my followers and however many liked the original Q and A announcement post, I only got one question.

Side note to this sister who sent the question-you are wonderful and I certainly appreciate you!

But at any rate, I am guessing that my lack of questions means either I am doing a really great job sharing my story and explaining my thoughts, or really no one can be bothered…I’ll just keep thinking the first one is the truth! Continue reading “Muslimah According to Me Q and A: Responses”

gold polka dot notebook with red and pink flower necklace, text "Muslimah According to Me: Q and A"

Muslimah According to Me Q and A

Salaam y’all!

Today is just a quickie post to let you all know, that I am opening up a Q and A session! Someone suggested I do this as a YouTube thing, but I just don’t know what I’m doing where videos are concerned, plus I hate the sound of my own voice on camera.

So we’ll leave that to the pros.

Anyhow, if you have any questions for me, about personal stuff (though if you get too personal it may not be answered!), religious stuff, or just convert-y stuff in general, shoot me a message via the form on my contact page. Also I’m totally here for resources recommendations and the like. Make sure you get those questions in as soon as possible, because I plan to have a post ready to go next Thursday with all my answers!

I look forward to hearing from y’all—and I sure hope I do because that will be one embarrassing post to write if I don’t!