Book Review: Amilah

Salaam all!

I am super excited to share today’s book review with you, because it is something a bit more interesting than my usual resources-sharing business. It is a work of fiction!

I took on this book review mostly because I wanted to help out an awesome Muslimah author, and get her work in front of more eyes. And I was sure I would like the book, because I like books (except Great Expectations. I don’t know why that is even allowed to exist.). At any rate, as soon as I got the PDF in my inbox and started reading, I was very, very surprised.

I could not put this book down. Seriously, I don’t think I have devoured a book like that since the Harry Potter days. I am already planning my second reading as I type this now, and I am still a little bit shocked at how much I truly enjoyed this book.

The book is called Amilah by Halima Hagi-Mohammed. She was born in Nairobi to Somali parents, and was raised in Fresno, California with eight siblings. She has been writing since a young age, and this, her first book, has been a long time in the making. I highly recommend you go read more from her and keep up with what she is up to over at Continue reading “Book Review: Amilah”

Book Review: 20 Pieces of Advice to my sister before her Marriage (plus a bonus!)

Hello all! Today I have two books I want so share with you: 20 Pieces of Advice to my sister before her Marriage plus Fatawa, Essential Rulings for every Muslim Woman . I am grouping them together in one day because they both deal with topics specifically aimed at women, and I read them both pretty much within a month of one another.

So to begin: 20 Pieces of Advice by Badr bin Ali Al-Utaybee. I was recommended this one by a friend who read it and loved it, and in general it has pretty great reviews from women in general. In reading it I found that the layout was good and easy to follow, and the advice given was generally pretty sound advice, but for some reason I didn’t really like the book as much as I thought I would.

I think this may be from the fact that I have read two or three other books on Islamic marriage before I was actually married, so maybe I was feeling that the advice given was slightly redundant. I have found that in general I have a hard time relating to marriage books as a genre, perhaps because I feel that often times the advice given does not actually match my real-life marriage. Continue reading “Book Review: 20 Pieces of Advice to my sister before her Marriage (plus a bonus!)”

Book Review: New Muslims Mini Library

Salaam y’all! So, for today’s book review I want to write about some books that I don’t actually know much about: a series called the New Muslims Mini Library compiled by Mahmoud R. Murad.

While packing up to leave London and join my husband in Algeria, I came across a couple of these books in a random old box. No one knew who they belonged to; none of my flatmates were “new Muslims” or even that proficient at reading English, and I am pretty sure that the woman who had lived in this house before me was an older English woman. None of my friends are new Muslims, or had any interest in the books, so they by default fell to me. Continue reading “Book Review: New Muslims Mini Library”

Stack of books next to single open book, coffee, flowers in vase, in front of open window, text "Book Review Hadith Course by Sameh STrauch

Book Review: Hadith Course by Sameh Strauch

The book I have for y’all today is one of my favorites, as far as book that help new converts really learn the faith go.

Hadith Course is another International Islamic Publishing House one written by Sameh Strauch who is, himself, a convert who studied at Madinah Islamic University.

The book is specifically designed to help English-speakers better understand some of the hadith and traditions of our Prophet (pbuh). Continue reading “Book Review: Hadith Course by Sameh Strauch”

book with pink pen and teacup on bed, text "Book Review: The Ideal Muslimah" Muslimah According to Me

Book Review: The Ideal Muslimah

So, I think the book I want to review today may not exactly be everybody’s cup of tea, but I myself did enjoy it for the most part and I think there are a lot of good things that can be taken out of it.

The Ideal Muslimah, by Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi is a relatively well known book. You can find it in pretty much any Islamic bookstore and on popular sites like Amazon.  It is published by International Islamic Publishing House, and for some reason, I really, really like reading their hard cover books, because I just like how they feel in my hands.

But I digress… Continue reading “Book Review: The Ideal Muslimah”

long prayer scarf from Serenity Scarves, text "The Serenity Scarf, My Review" Muslimah According to Me

The Serenity Scarf

Image courtesy of Serentiy Scarves product page.

Ok y’all, I am doing something a little bit different today!

A little while ago (ok, a long while ago) my mom ordered me a prayer gown from Serenity Scarves and had it shipped to me in London for my birthday (so June, 2016). I was super impressed with everything about this prayer gown, but I wasn’t able back then to find a site where I could review it. I was pretty bummed about this, because I love, love, love to write good reviews of things/places/people that go the extra mile, have great service, or in general just make me happy.

So today I am going to write that review for you guys. Continue reading “The Serenity Scarf”

old library with painted ceiling, text "Book Review: Rising Soul" Muslimah According to Me

Book Review: Rising Soul, A Guide to Personal Development

So, I have been on a big personal development and/or feminist reading kick lately, so I decided to bring this one back off of the shelves for a review!

Rising Soul, a Guide to Personal Development by Muhammad Mansur is obviously a personal development book,  but it is written through an Islamic lens. What more could I ask for?!

A friend of mine bought this for me back when I was still living in the States, and when I need a good kick in the pants I still like to read a chapter or two sometimes. Continue reading “Book Review: Rising Soul, A Guide to Personal Development”

white tray with green book, coffee mug and flower, sunlight falling on bed, text "Book Review: Don't be Sad" Muslimah According to Me

Book Review: Don’t be Sad

Most of my writing so far has been on my personal experiences in an effort to create space for converts within the community. One thing I have been neglecting a bit, however, is the second part of my mission with this blog: sharing resources for new Muslims or people interested in Islam, or even non-convert Muslims who are looking to renew their faith a bit.

So, God willing, I’m going start doing some book reviews (don’t forget to also check out my other resources)! Some of them will be books that I have already read and loved, and some will be new, reviewing them as I read them.

Today’s choice: Don’t be Sad by Dr. ‘Aid al-Qarni. Continue reading “Book Review: Don’t be Sad”