I may be a bit absent these days (but there is a really good reason!)

Salaam alaikum!

Now that I have run out of pre-scheduled posts, I am finding myself actually needing to do some writing…

So, I thought a good way to start would be to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes over here. And y’all, I’m excited about it!

First thing: a little update on my website makeover. I was planning to create a whole new WordPress site from the ground up to really capture the essence of the direction I am wanting to go in. I wanted all new everything—new name, new colors, new articles. But then a sister told me, you’ve got a good thing going with your current site, why make a new one? And she is kind of right, I love my readers here, and I’ve already got such a massive body of articles to draw on. So what I am now doing instead is keeping Muslimah According to Me, but I am going to give it a thorough make-over. There will be new colors and photos and all that, but also I am going to go through all of my articles and really thin out what doesn’t match with my message or is just superfluous. Then I am going to only write what goes with what I want to say from now on!

And yeah, that newsletter business is finally happening…be sure to click HERE to subscribe!! There will be more content over here than you get from just blog articles, so you’ll want to get in on it for sure!

Second thing: I’m doing some learning. This is one of the things that I am super excited about! I have embarked on a five year alimah course. This will be my first year, and now that I am just starting off and settling back into the academic life (ah how I missed being a student!), it is going to mean a bit of thinning out on posting here. Ten hours of classes plus study and homework every week is a bit of a commitment, you know? I’ll probably keep up with once a week posts until I get myself settled into everything, and in shaa Allah we’ll see where we end up after that.

Last thing: I’ve got something big in the works. I had a really good idea a little while ago. And like most ideas I have I was ready to put it on the back shelf because “I don’t have the money or resources,” and “I need to wait until I get home to have whatever I need to do this.” But then I got up some crazy courage and reached out to another blogging sister to see if she would collab with me on this idea. And she said yes!!

I don’t know why I was expecting a refusal, but I was, and still am, so excited to be working with her on this! What is it, you may ask? Well, I don’t want to give too much away too early, but it may or may not be a journal-style book designed to help Muslimahs really reconnect to the foundations of their deen (in shaa Allah!). We are working up the content right now, then I will get to writing and hand it off to her for the design in shaa Allah.

So, if this is the first post you are reading here, and you are super interested in finding more out about this book, hit subscribe! In shaa Allah I will be keeping y’all updated as we go along =)

Also, speaking of new projects, I am officially on “the Instagram,” as the kids would say! Come hang out with me @muslimahaccordingtome. I would love to see you over there! Maybe y’all can help me get the hang of it?

And that’s all from me for today. In shaa Allah I’ll get some more interesting stuff to you next week, and in the meantime I’ll be working away over here at all these exciting things that I hope will make this blog an even better experience for my readers!