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Guest Post: A Simple Path Made Difficult-Advice for Muslim Sisters

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Today I am jumping back in with a guest post from my dear sister Liz, who blogs over at www.voiceofsalam.wordpress.com.

Firstly, I highly recommend you go check out her blog! She writes about current events, her personal experiences as a revert, and other topics that need to be brought up in our communities. I love her strong point of view, and I always look forward to reading her posts!

Today’s guest post is actually kind of a substitute for another post I was dragging my feet on, but I daresay I like this one better! I was planning on writing the post I mentioned in my last post on different homogenising pressures within the community, but then I got to talking to Liz about these kinds of things and it turns out she has just as much to say about it as me!

So she kindly agreed to share her own thoughts, and a little bit of her own experience with the pressure to be a certain way within the Muslim community and, spoiler alert, how she overcame that pressure and rediscovered her self confidence.

Ok enough intro from me, read on, leave your thoughts in the comments, and go follow Liz’s blog!

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A dear sister of mine recently wrote to me expressing the relief she felt after reading a recent blog post of mine about “mainstream” popular Islamic preachers/scholars who promote intolerance, extremism and dogmatic forms of Islam. She too had witnessed just how easily well-intentioned Muslims – including reverts – would follow quite literally, the interpretations of certain scholars who promoted a soulless, obsessive like, medieval form of Islam. It was a relief myself to know that there were like-minded sisters out there, for I myself had come “full-circle” in my faith, accepting with renewed confidence that the beauty and peaceful nature of Islam which I was first drawn to was in fact legitimate, worthy and in essence representative of the “real Islam”.

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For Sisters Only

For the Sisters: Staying Connected When you can’t Pray or Fast

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

So, we are coming up on Ramadan fast. Like, quite fast. As of posting we only have a month and some days left. For some of us that is pretty exciting, but for some of us (new reverts, first time fasters anyone?) that can be pretty daunting.

I remember my very first Ramadan, being on such a spiritual high, a productive kick at work, I seemed to be seeing everything through pink, sparkly glasses. But then, a week and a half or so in, disaster struck: the dreaded menstrual cycle.

(Men who are reading this can feel free to duck out at this point if this isn’t a topic that you care to know much about…it’s only going to get worse from here!)

Up until this month, I had been pretty lazy where my period was concerned, but this was different. It was Ramadan, and I didn’t want to lose my momentum in such a sacred month. As a new Muslimah, however, I was a bit confused as to what I could and could not do during this week.

I asked around some of my friends, and actually managed to come up with a plan that kept me spiritually connected and productive during the eight days that I couldn’t fast with everyone else, and today, I want to share some of those things that I did. In shaa Allah you can implement these things in your own life not only during the month of Ramadan, but all year round in order to keep yourself spiritually “plugged in” even when you can’t perform ritual prayer or fasting. Continue reading “For the Sisters: Staying Connected When you can’t Pray or Fast”